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Directed by Victor Salva

Writing credits::
Victor Salva
Plot Outline:Just before Halloween, three young brothers alone in a big house are menaced by three escaped mental patients who have murdered some traveling circus clowns and taken their identities.
The movie starts out with just three brothers fighting and the youngest is terrified of clowns but as the movie builds the horror grows... After the lunatics escape from the mental institution and don the clown makeup and clothing... macabre events follow! The constant cat and mouse suspense really keeps the viewer alert and the clowns flickering around in the background all the time... watching the boys... will keep even those few who do not see clowns as a threat really disturbed and creeped out!
Nathan Forrest Winters ... Casey Collins

Brian McHugh ... Geoffrey Collins

Sam Rockwell ... Randy

Michael Jerome West ... Lunatic Cheezo (as Tree)

Byron Weible ... Lunatic Bippo

David C. Reinecker ... Lunatic Dippo

Timothy Enos ... Real Cheezo aka Georgie

Frank Diamanti ... Real Bippo aka Charlie

Karl-Heinz Teuber ... Real Dippo

Viletta Skillman ... Mrs. Collins - Mother

Gloria Belsky ... Fortune Teller

Tom Mottram ... Ringmaster

Erika Young ... Ellie - Storekeeper

Russell Jasper Watts ... Jasper - Storekeeper's Assistant

Bobby Salem ... Booth Barker



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