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Directed by David Lynch

Writing credits::
Frank Herbert (novel)

David Lynch (television versions)

Plot Outline:In the distant future, a man appears who may be the prophet that a long-suffering galaxy has been waiting for.
Everybody who calls himself a Science-Fiction fan should see this movie which is a jewel under all those mediocre films that were spawned by Star Wars at that time. All the fans of the book should see it as what it is: A movie based on Dune. If you want the book word by word, don't watch the movie and read the book again.
Francesca Annis ... Lady Jessica

Leonardo Cimino ... The Baron's Doctor

Brad Dourif ... Piter De Vries

José Ferrer ... Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV

Linda Hunt ... Shadout Mapes

Freddie Jones ... Thufir Hawat

Richard Jordan ... Duncan Idaho

Kyle MacLachlan ... Paul Usul Muad'Dib Atreides

Virginia Madsen ... Princess Irulan

Silvana Mangano ... Rev. Mother Ramallo

Everett McGill ... Stilgar

Kenneth McMillan ... Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Jack Nance ... Capt. Iakin Nefud

Siân Phillips ... Rev. Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam

Jürgen Prochnow ... Duke Leto Atreides



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