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Directed by Daniel Haller

Writing credits H.P. Lovecraft (story)

Curtis Hanson (sreenplay)

Henry Rosenbaum (screenplay)

Ronald Silkosky (screenplay)
Plot Outline:: Dr. Henry Armitage, Sandra Dee and another girl visit the library of the Miskatonic University where they are studying, and find a mysterious young man named Wilbur Whateley trying to borrow the Necronomicon (to non-HPL fans : a book containing ancient rites to bring alien gods to our planet), and as it is a public library they let him. Sandra Dee offers to drive the moustachioed warlock back to his home in Dunwich, where he drugs her and makes her stay to be a part in his evil ceremonies.
Sandra Dee .... Nancy Wagner

Dean Stockwell .... Wilbur Whateley

Ed Begley .... Dr. Henry Armitage

Lloyd Bochner .... Dr. Cory

Sam Jaffe .... Old Whateley

Joanne Moore Jordan .... Lavinia Whateley

Donna Baccala .... Elizabeth Hamilton

Talia Shire .... Nurse Cora

Michael Fox .... Dr. Raskin

Jason Wingreen .... Sheriff Harrison

Barboura Morris .... Mrs. Cole

Beach Dickerson .... Mr. Cole

Michael Haynes .... Guard

Toby Russ .... Librarian

Jack Pierce .... Reeger

F.A. Nichols .... Mr. Fuller, newspaper publisher



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