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Directed by David Yates

Writing credits::
(WGA) Steve Kloves (screenplay)

J.K. Rowling (novel)
Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts turns out to be quite the exciting year. First off is the arrival of a new teacher at Hogwarts, Horace Slughorn, who is a bit more useful to Harry than he realizes.
Next, Harry obtains a Potions book which used to be belong to the very mysterious Half-Blood Prince.
Harry finds that the Half-Blood Prince's ancient scribbles are written along the margins of almost every page, giving Harry advice on how to improve greatly
on his Potions work, and also teaching him a few helpful (and dangerous) spells along the way.

Amidst this, Harry is starting private lessons with Professor Dumbledore, during which Harry learns the dark secrets of Voldemort's past,
hoping that they could use these secrets to find a way to defeat him.

Harry's year gets even more stressful with the suspicious actions of Draco Malfoy, who has been sneaking around the school doing,
so Harry assumes, Voldemort's bidding. Harry quickly becomes determined, and slightly obsessed,
to find out exactly what Malfoy has been up to and putting and end to it.

Yet, during this time, Harry and his friends go through daily life, busy with school work, Quidditch,
(in which Harry has been made captain of the team) and of course, romance.
Ron has found a new girlfriend, Lavender Brown, a perky (if not obnoxious) Gryffindor student, and Hermione is not happy about it.
Ron and Hermione's friendship takes a toll throughout the school year and Harry, as usual, is stuck in the middle. Harry, meanwhile, is facing a romantic dilemma of his own:
he realizes he is falling for his best friend's sister, Ginny Weasley, who is unfortunately dating Harry's classmate, Dean Thomas.
Harry's pining for Ginny and Ron's hilarious relationship with Lavender give this story a large dose of reality.

Throughout all the school drama, however, the obvious darkness of Voldemort's impending rise to power is always apparent. The incredible action-packed climax is sure to leave the audience stunned and,
inevitably, prove that you shouldn't trust everybody who you think is good and also prove that not everyone can manage to survive. ========================
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter

Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger

Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley

Michael Gambon ... Albus Dumbledore

Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape

Helena Bonham Carter ... Bellatrix Lestrange

Jim Broadbent ... Horace Slughorn

Robbie Coltrane ... Rubeus Hagrid

Timothy Spall ... Peter Pettigrew

David Thewlis ... Remus Lupin

Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall

Julie Walters ... Molly Weasley

Mark Williams ... Arthur Weasley

Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy

Evanna Lynch ... Luna Lovegood

Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom

Katie Leung ... Cho Chang

James Phelps ... Fred Weasley

Oliver Phelps ... George Weasley

Natalia Tena ... Nymphadora Tonks

Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley

David Bradley ... Argus Filch

Warwick Davis ... Filius Flitwick

Helen McCrory ... Narcissa Malfoy

Jessie Cave ... Lavender Brown

Fiona Shaw ... Petunia Dursley

Robert Knox ... Marcus Belby

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin ... Tom Riddle - Age 11

Richard Griffiths ... Uncle Vernon Dursley

Dave Legeno ... Fenrir Greyback

Frank Dillane ... Teenage Tom Riddle

Freddie Stroma ... Cormac McLaggen

River George ... Laurasia

Devon Murray ... Seamus Finnigan

Georgina Leonidas ... Katie Bell

Alfie Enoch ... Dean Thomas

Scarlett Byrne ... Pansy Parkinson

Shefali Chowdhury ... Parvati Patil

Anna Shaffer ... Romilda Vane

Jamie Waylett ... Vincent Crabbe

Afshan Azad ... Padma Patil

Josh Herdman ... Gregory Goyle

Ralph Ineson ... Amycus Carrow

Tony Coburn ... Young Lucius Malfoy

Tom Moorcroft ... Regulus Black

Louis Cordice ... Blaise Zabini

William Melling ... Nigel

Isabella Laughland ... Leanne

Amelda Brown ... Mrs. Cole

Johnpaul Castrianni ... Yaxley

Suzanne Toase ... Alecto Carrow

Charlie Bennison ... Sanguini

Teresa Mahoney ... Sofie

Rod Hunt ... Thorfinn Rowle

Nina Voelker ... Wendy Slinkhard

Dean Garnham ... Slytherin Student

Martin Ballantyne ... Scary Face

Elliot Francis ... SlugClub Member / 6th year student

Sam Gaukroger ... Hogwarts Student

Guy Mannerings ... Slugclub Member

Dean Mitchell ... Slug-Club Wizard

Stephen Modell ... Feather Wizard

Chris Wilson ... Yak Man - Daily Prophet




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